Exercise for Kids – Indoor Animal Themed Gross Motor Game Daily exercise is important for kids and affects child development, behavior, focus, and learning. Indoor activities that get your toddler moving are a necessity on rainy days! We recently had a morning where the preschoolers arrived with enough energy to run a 5K race. Thanks for visiting! Instead of relying on screen time , try setting up some of … Then, let the jumping begin! Ribbon Painting: If you can go outside with this one, that would probably be best. Indoor Gross Motor Activities Muscle-moving play doesn't have to take up a ton of room. There’s no ‘real’ (academic) learning involved, not themed in any way… just good ol’ fun movement activities to do inside. Gross Motor Skill Activities for Ages 9-12 months. The Department of Health and Human Services states that children should have at … Indoor Gross Motor Activities Warm weather is already tapering off , rain has been pounding down in many areas but kids still need to move, burn off energy and have fun doing it! Toilet Paper Roll Indoor Golf (Number Sequence Game). 3. The fun aspect of improving gross motor skills is that it requires little learners to get up and get moving (more than ever with all the tech tools kids have)! Balance Boarding. I love how it involves picking up puzzle pieces along the way! 10 Easy Indoor Gross Motor Activities for Kids This blog uses affiliate links. Tennis Ball Games. Make sure you check out our sensory play activities as well. //