Birthday Cake. Cake (Slang Meaning) Cake is a slang term which is often used to refer to a nice fat ass on a girl. cake (n.) early 13c., "flat or comparatively thin mass of baked dough," from Old Norse kaka "cake," from West Germanic *kokon-(source also of Middle Dutch koke, Dutch koek "a cake, gingerbread, dumpling," Old High German kuohho, German Kuchen "a cake, a tart"). Source(s): slang meaning quot cake quot rap music: cake phrase. Define patty-cake. a piece of cake definition: 1. something that is very easy to do: 2. something that is very easy to do: 3. infml something…. ‘a fruit cake’ ‘a cake shop’ ‘a mouthful of cake’ ‘Desserts, sweets, cakes, biscuits, and pastries are considered to be luxuries.’ ‘Little chefs can bake a cake or delicious muffins in the two-shelf oven or store extra plates and bowls in the cupboard.’ This is the British English definition of the cherry on the cake.View American English definition of the cherry on the cake.. Change your default dictionary to American English. 2. Anonymous. A public entertainment of the 1800s among African Americans in which walkers performing the most accomplished or amusing steps won cakes as prizes. 0 0. See Synonyms at breeze1. The emoji cake is widely used across digital communications to complement expressions of celebration and indulgence, discussions of baking, as well as commentary about health, fitness, and diet.. Bake definition is - to cook by dry heat especially in an oven. Definition of cake-eater in the dictionary. cake meaning, definition, what is cake: a soft sweet food made by baking a mixtu...: Learn more. See more words with the same meaning… 4. What does cake-eater mean? A sweet baked food made of flour, liquid, eggs, and other ingredients, such as raising agents and flavorings. 3. Emoji Meaning The round, golden-brown pastry of a Chinese mooncake, a traditional delicacy and lunar symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival.… Fish Cake with Swirl Apparently it was created after two European producers (Mattman and Robin) mistranslated the name of a cocktail called "Sex on the Beach" as "Cake by the Ocean." Numerous hip hop artists have used it in their songs, in Kid Ink's "Bad Ass" song, he raps "Now then let me see that cake, cake, cake, like Entenmann's - Ass up, gon' take it down like a sedative." money. patty-cake synonyms, patty-cake pronunciation, patty-cake translation, English dictionary definition of patty-cake. The emoji cake is very commonly used to recognize or mark someone’s birthday in messages. The label that published this song is Republic Records. 5 years ago. Cupcake definition, a small cake, the size of an individual portion, baked in a cup-shaped mold. what is the slang meaning of "cake" in rap music? Learn more. the female has a man who gives her what she wants, e.g. Meaning of cake-eater. Learn more. They dropped this tune on 18 September 2015, over a year before the album it was featured on, DNCE, was released on 18 November 2016.However, it was also included on their 2015 EP, SWAAY. 5. Below we will go through some of the usual cake dream interpretation to help you have a better awareness. Don't think that this term's work will be a piece of cake - you'll have to study hard to get good grades. Urban Dictionary. The style of cake widely varies across platforms.… Moon Cake. Pay attention to the type of cake, the actions that you are taking with it, and the look of the cake. Giving Maria a make-over was a piece of cake, because she's so naturally beautiful. 2. Another “traumatic” video, showing surprise cake versions of breakfast sandwiches, eggplants, oysters and lemons highlighted the work of husband … Some parts of cooking are really difficult, but I found that making spaghetti Bolognese is a piece of cake. Something easily accomplished: Winning the race was a cakewalk for her. Define cake. Patty-cake definition is - a game in which two participants (such as mother and child) clap their hands together to the rhythm of an accompanying nursery rhyme. cake definition: 1. a sweet food made with a mixture of flour, eggs, fat, and sugar: 2. a small flat object made by…. How to use bake in a sentence. cake: the residuum after extraction of oil from oil seeds, used extensively as a protein supplement to diets of all housed animal species. Information and translations of cake-eater in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. How to use cake in a sentence. What does cake expression mean? Emoji Meaning A frosted cake with lit candles, as presented for a birthday celebration. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of cake up is. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Learn more. Morning, baby cakes . walk (kāk′wôk′) n. 1. Yellowcake (also called urania) is a type of uranium concentrate powder obtained from leach solutions, in an intermediate step in the processing of uranium ores.It is a step in the processing of uranium after it has been mined but before fuel fabrication or uranium enrichment.Yellowcake concentrates are prepared by various extraction and refining methods, depending on the types of ores. A strutting dance, often performed in minstrel shows. urban definition: 1. of or in a city or town: 2. of or in a city or town: 3. of or in a city or town: . cake daddy: often a male. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. Learn more. Hotcake definition is - pancake. Not believed to be related to Latin coquere "to cook," as formerly supposed. Definition and synonyms of the cherry on the cake from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. Replaced its Old English cognate, coecel. A sweet baked food made of flour, liquid, eggs, and other ingredients, such as raising agents and flavorings. cake (kāk) n. 1. People were using the phrase, "The cake is a lie", on forums as an idiom meaning, "You are chasing after an empty, unattainable goal." baby cakes: [noun] affectionate form of address for a loved one, especially a romantic loved one. See more. Learn more. Definition of cake in the Idioms Dictionary. cake synonyms, cake pronunciation, cake translation, English dictionary definition of cake. This usage is further illustrated in the top-voted Urban Dictionary definition for "The Cake Is a Lie." the icing on the cake definition: 1. something that makes a good situation even better: 2. something that makes a good situation…. A flat rounded mass of dough or batter, such as a pancake, that is baked or fried. A shaped or molded piece, as of soap or ice. A flat rounded mass of hashed or chopped food that is baked or fried; a patty. Facts about “Cake by the Ocean” This was the first single DNCE ever dropped. Cake definition is - a breadlike food made from a dough or batter that is usually fried or baked in small flat shapes and is often unleavened. Online Slang Dictionary. "Cake by the Ocean" is an infectious dance anthem written by Justin Tranter and DNCE. In a lot of music I listen to the term cake comes up.I know that there not talking about actual cake. Fruitcake definition is - a rich cake containing nuts, dried or candied fruits, and spices. How to use hotcake in a sentence. n. A child's game in which two participants gently strike the palms of their hands together in rhythmic beat, often accompanied by a nursery rhyme. the icing on the cake meaning: 1. something that makes a good situation even better: 2. something that makes a good situation…. 2. 3. a. cake poisoning varies with the seed, linseed cake may cause cyanide poisoning, cottonseed cake may cause gossypol poisoning. Cake definition, a sweet, baked, breadlike food, made with or without shortening, and usually containing flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, eggs, and liquid flavoring. Cake definition: A cake is a sweet food made by baking a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, and fat in an oven... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples He ain't nothin' but my cake daddy . They could offer slightly different insight into your waking life and backgrounds. See more. How to use fruitcake in a sentence. b. The slang word / phrase / acronym cake up means... . Talk to me, babyI'm going to miss this sweet craving, whoa-ohLet's lose our minds and go f*cking crazyI-I-I-I-I-I keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean Watch the music video for "Cake … But the song doesn't have the most normal origin story. Roughly translates to "your promised reward is merely a fictitious motivator". n. 1.