West Virginia Labelling wine imported from EU and non-EU countries. The average price of a bottle of wine in the UK was last reported by the WSTA (source: Nielsen) in late Sept 2018 as just £5.68 (56% tax). Average prices of more than 40 products and services in Ireland. Wine now contributes 30% of the tax take on alcohol. 61% of a £5 bottle of wine is tax (£2.23 duty plus 83p VAT = £3.06). 3. "Effectively this is a tax on celebrations," highlighted Jim Bradley, Chair of Drinks Ireland | Wine and Chairman of wine distributor Febvre Wines. This week has been punishing for the wine trade and wine drinkers in Ireland where an increase in excise announced in Budget 2014 means that duty is now levied at €3.19 per bottle of still wine (under 15% alcohol) irrespective of wine quality or cost. The general sales tax in Washington is 6.5%. Most of us are aware that duties on wine in Ireland are among the highest in Europe. Prices of restaurants, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included. A special rate can be up to 3.8%. Consumption The report also looked at consumption of wine in 2013, finding that Ireland’s taste for the drink has dropped. These increases took effect from midnight on … VI-1 certificates will not be required to move wine to GB from NI. UK Wine Duty + VAT Calculator Use our wine tax calculator to convert between in-bond (tax free) and duty paid prices for single bottles, full cases (12) and half cases (6). While 13 countries do levy an excise tax on wine, they do so at very different rates. We pay excise duty of €3.19 on every bottle of wine, plus 23 per cent VAT on top of that. Add 23% VAT and associated shipping and packaging costs on… A bottle of wine bought in Britain, for example, incurs a £1.90 duty charge, as well as 20pc in VAT. Wine and beer are subject to the standard sales taxes in Washington. The Government now takes over half the price of a bottle of wine in tax. And the citiy rate can be 3.9%. Finland and the United Kingdom are next, at €2.98 and €2.43, respectively. Sparkling wine duty is up from £2.77 to £2.86 (£3.43 inc VAT). When bought by the bottle, the sales tax on spirits is 20.5%. O ver €5 from a typical €10 bottle goes in excise duty and tax and this has soared by 35pc over the last four years. But when bought by the glass, the tax is 13.7%. Current wine excise duty rates took effect from 1 February 2019 (rates frozen in March 2020 Budget) Irish consumers pay €3.19 on tax per every standard €9 bottle of wine and €6.37 on sparkling wine, research shows. In Budget 2013 the excise duty on a pint of beer or cider and on a standard measure of spirits was increased by 10c (including VAT) and the duty on a 75cl bottle of wine was increased by €1 (including VAT), with pro-rata increases on other products. Irish excise on wine is the highest in the EU, according to the latest ‘Irish Wine Market Report’ from Drinks Ireland. County rates can be 2.5%. You’ll find the highest wine tax in Ireland, at €3.19 per standard size wine bottle (0.75 liters or 0.20 gallons).